Carl Pope
1 min readFeb 27, 2024


Over the next two years, Brazil is poised to shape our world for centuries to come. As President of the G20 this year and President of the UN’s COP30 climate conference in 2025, Brazil is gearing up to show the world how fighting climate change, growing the economy, and spreading prosperity are a common endeavor.

In this week’s media, @Mike Bloomberg reminds the world in @ValorEconomico about Brazil’s competitive advantages in both the global economy and in meeting the world’s great needs. Brazil has created one the world’s cleanest electrical grids and was blessed with the greatest concentrations of biodiversity and the most abundant resources for a #lowcarbon green economy.

The launch of the Industrial Transition accelerator by the last UN COP conference will unlock a wave of new international investment. The announcement of the first @GFANZ LAC Country Chapter in #Brazil means more local expertise to harness the power of capital markets. And in Embrapa, its world class tropical agricultural research institute, Brazil has the best track record of any major economy of South-South public sector cooperation and innovation.

Read more to see how Brazil is leading from the bottom up and the top down:"

Carl Pope

A veteran leader in the environmental movement, former executive director & chairman Sierra Club and Senior Climate Advisor to Michael Bloomberg